About Us

History of the Cleveland Chapter of Chums, Inc.

The Cleveland Chapter of Chums, inc. was installed in May of 1968 with approximately 10 members:  Chums Kitty Cardwell, Rubie McCullough, Rocena Taylor, Lavonne Waller, Rose Collins, Ruth Collins, Madelaine Vandelaine, Audrey Cave Charlton, Erma Pitts, and Ulabelle Jackson.

Since its installation into the National Chums Organization, the Cleveland Chapter of Chums has been involved in numerous civic and community projects with a confidence  in their ability to motivate children; the competence of their joint skills; and commitment to upholding the mission of Chums, Inc.

Current Members

JoAnn Wallace - President

Janet Banks

Cheryl Bobo- Past President

Delphine Boyd

Arlette Coulter

Irene Crowell  

Mary Davis

Denia Dickerson

Aisha Fraser

Marsha Yates Jackson

Odessa Johnson

Lois Lott

Elaine Martin

Myla Moss

Gwen Mullins

Judith Smith

Marsha Morrell-Smith 

Beverly Riley-Tatum

Chante Thomas-Taylor

Barbara Wilcher-Norton

Chums, Inc. Mission Statement

Chums, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for women to meet in friendship and fun, to encourage a spirit of helpfulness, and to use their many talents in service to the community. The organization promotes civic, cultural, educational, and social improvement. An ancillary focus of the organization is to enrich the lives of children by helping them to develop to their fullest intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, and social potential. The national theme is "Listen to the Children" …enrich their lives. 

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